FORMER LABORATORY MEMBERS: Current or Most Recent Position

Ms. Elizabeth Woodruff Senior Research Technician (1979-1982) Home/ Luxemburg
Ms. Patti Lalik Senior Research Technician (1982-1983) Former – Sanofi Aventis
Dr. Ronald Guggenheimer Postdoctoral Fellow (1985) Family business
Ms. Barbara Faha Senior Research Technician (1983-1987) Mg. Director, Golden Seeds, Boston
Dr. Wendy Heiger-Bernays; Postdoctoral Fellow (1986-1987) Assoc. Prof/Boston University
Dr. Gregory Prelich Graduate Student (1984-1988) Professor, Albert Einstein Coll. of Med. (retired)
Dr. Micaela Fairman Postdoctoral Fellow (1986-1988) Physician, Canada
Dr. Eileen White Postdoctoral Fellow (1983-1985) Staff Investigator (1986-1990) Professor/Rutgers University
Dr. John Diffley Postdoctoral Fellow (1984-1990) Professor and Associate Research Director/Francis Crick Institute
Dr. Susan Smith Graduate Student (1986-1990) Professor/New York Univ. Sch. of Med.
Dr. Toshiki Tsurimoto Postdoctoral Fellow (1987-1990) Professor/Kyushu University
Mr. Thomas Macdougall Barings Fellow (1991) Physician, UK
Dr. Steven Brill Postdoctoral Fellow (1988-1992) Professor/Rutgers University
Dr. Glenn Bauer Postdoctoral Fellow (1989-1992) Former Academic Coordinator/Swarthmore College
Dr. Anindya Dutta Postdoctoral Fellow (1989-1992) Professor and Chair /Uni. of Virginia Medical School
Mrs. Naama Kessler Senior Research Technician (1989-1992) Staff Scientist/Weissman Instit., Israel
Dr. Fred Bunz Graduate Student (1988-1993) Assoc. Prof/Johns Hopkins Med. Schl.
Dr. Salah-uh Din Postdoctoral Fellow (1988-1993) Private business
Dr. J. Michael Ruppert Postdoctoral Fellow (1990-1993) Professor and Vice-Chair, West Virginia Univ.
Dr. Christopher Hardy Postdoctoral Fellow (1992-1993) Assoc. Prof./Vanderbilt University
Dr. Karen Fien Graduate Student (1988-1994) High school science teacher – Bronx HS of Science
Dr. York Marahrens Graduate Student (1988-1994) Assoc. Prof/Univ. Minnesota
Dr. Thomas Melendy Postdoctoral Fellow (1988-1994) Assoc. Prof/SUNY, Buffalo
Dr. Stephen Bell Postdoctoral Fellow (1990-1994) Professor, MIT
Mrs. Lynn Borzillo Senior Research Tech. (1991-1994) OSI Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Masahiro Akiyama Postdoctoral Fellow (1992-1995) Assoc. Prof/Nara Inst. of Sci. & Tech., Japan
Dr. Jay Mitchell Research Technician (1993-1995) Associate Professor of Genetics and Complex Diseases, Harvard School Public Health
Mr. Victor Filadora Research Technician (1994-1995)
Dr. Paul Kaufman Postdoctoral Fellow (1992-1996) Professor, Univ. of Massachusetts
Dr. Hai Rao Graduate Student (1992-1996) Assoc. Prof/Univ. of Texas, San Antonio
Dr. Rong Li Postdoctoral Fellow (1994-1996) Professor, Univ. of Texas, San Antonio
Dr. Nick Carpino Graduate Student (1996-1997) Assoc. Prof./Stony Brook Uni.
Dr. Kimberley Gavin Graduate Student (1992-1997) Attorney/ Fitzpatrick, Cella, Harper & Scinto, LLP, New York
Dr. Gerhard Cullmann Postdoctoral Fellow (1993-1997) Res. Sci/Connex Gmb, Germany
Ms. Corine Driessens Laboratory Aide (1993-1997)
Dr. Caroline Bolwig Postdoctoral Fellow (1993-1997)  Denmark
Dr. Masumi Hidaka Postdoctoral Fellow (1994-1997) Prof./Fukuoka Dental College
Dr. Masayoshi Iizuka Postdoctoral Fellow (1995-1997) Res. Assoc, University of Virginia
Ms. Miho Waga Research Technician (1995-1998 Retired
Dr. Shou Waga Postdoctoral Fellow (1991-1998) Professor, Japan Women’s University
Dr. Chun Liang Postdoctoral Fellow (1993-1998) Assoc. Prof/Hong Kong Uni. of Sci. &Tech.
Dr. Alain Verreault Postdoctoral Fellow (1994-1998) Professor, Université de Montréal
Ms. Catherine Cronin Research Technician (1998 –1999) Computing industry, UK
Dr. Kaetrin Simpson Postdoctoral Fellow (1997-1999) Deceased
Dr. Michael Weinreich Postdoctoral Fellow (1993-2000) Program Director, National Science Foundation
Ms. X. Helena Yang Graduate Student (1995-2000) Assoc. Editor, Cancer Cell, Boston
Dr. Lee Zou Graduate Student (1995-2000) Professor, MGH/Harvard Med. Sch.
Dr. James Chong Postdoctoral Fellow (1996-2000) Senior Lecturer, Uni. of York, UK
Dr. Tohru Mizushima Postdoctoral Fellow (1999-2000) Assoc. Prof/Okayama Uni., Japan
Dr. Keiichi Shibahara Postdoctoral Fellow (1996-2000) Assoc. Prof/Natl. Inst. of Genet., Japan
Mr. Sujit Dike Masters Student (1999-2000) Vice President, Johnson & Johnson
Dr. Nancy Du Graduate Student (1998-2002) Assist. Prof., Weill Cornell Medical School, NY
Dr. Zhiguo Zhang Postdoctoral Fellow (1998-2003) Professor, Columbia University
Dr. Katherine Braun Postdoctoral Fellow (1998-2003) Research Scientist, University of Washington
Dr. Viola Ellison Postdoctoral Fellow (1994-2004) Former Asst. Prof/Indiana University
Dr. Andrei Chabes Postdoctoral Fellow (2001-2004) Professor and Head of Department/Umeå University, Sweden
Dr. Juan Méndez Postdoctoral Fellow (1996-2004) Sr. Group Leader/Spanish Natl. Cancer Research Center, Madrid
Dr. Santhosh Vadivelu Postdoctoral Fellow (2003-2006) President and CEO, EpiDestiny
Dr. Christian Speck Postdoctoral Fellow (2000-2006) Professor in Genome Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Imperial College, London
Dr. Supriya Prasanth Postdoctoral Fellow (2001-2007) Assoc. Prof/Univ. of Urbana, Champaign, IL
Dr. Maarten Hoek Postdoctoral Fellow (2001-2007) Director, Merck & Co. and Consultant Third Rock Ventures
Dr. Khalid Siddiqui Graduate Student (2001-2007) Postdoctoral Fellow (2007-2008) Senior writer, Havas Lynx, London
Dr. Sylvain Mitelheiser Postdoctoral Fellow (2007-2011) Private (France)
Dr. Hironori Kawakami Postdoctoral Fellow (2007-2012) Assist. Prof., Kyushu Univ., Japan.
Dr. Marlies Rossmann Graduate Student (2002-2011) Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Univ.
Dr. Anthony Mazurek Postdoctoral Fellow, Research Investigator (2003-2013) Senior Scientist, Pfizer
Dr. Jaclyn Jansen Postdoctoral Fellow (2010-2013) Science Writer, CSHL
Dr. Nihan Kara Graduate student (2007-2014) BD Biosciences
Mrs Patricia Wendel Research Associate (1995-2017) Retired
Dr. Monika Chugh Postdoctoral Fellow (2014-2017), Cancer Biology Scientist, Imperial College, London


Dr. Nicholas Heintz Visiting Scientist (1984-1985) Professor, Univ. of Vermont
Dr. Nicholas Muzyczka Visiting Scientist (1992-1993) Professor, Med. Univ. of South Carolina
Dr. Carol Prives Visiting Scientist (1993-1994) Professor, Columbia Univ.
Dr. John Scott Visiting Scientist (1993-1994) Professor, Univ. of Hawaii
Dr. R. Sanders Williams Visiting Scientist (1995-1996) Director, Gladstone Institutes
Dr. Deepak Bastia Visiting Scientist (1998) Professor, Med. Univ. of South Carolina
Dr. Adriana Hemerly Visiting Scientist (2005-2007) Professor, Univ. of Brazil, IBqM
Dr. Carolina Elias Visiting Scientist (2009) Professor, Instituto Butantan, São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Dr. Wei Gao Visiting Scientist (2013-2014) Asst. Professor, Capital University of Medical Sciences, Beijing, China
Dr. Gionanna Pontarin Visiting Scientist (2014) Research Fellow, University of Padua, Italy.


Dr. Catherine Chen 1984
Dr. Stuart A. MacNeill 1985 Reader / University of St. Andrews
Dr. Martin Horvath 1986 Assoc. Prof. of Biology / Univ. of Utah
Dr. Andrew Millar 1987 Chair of Systems Biology / Univ. of Edinburgh
Dr. Jyunjiro Horiuchi 1988 Assoc. Prof./Tokyo Metropolitan Univ., Japan
Dr. Ellen Gadbois 1989 Sr. Science Policy Analyst – National Bioethics Advisory Committee
Dr. Clare Baker 1990 Reader in Comparative Developmental Neurobiology/ Univ. of Cambridge, UK
Dr. Clark Chen 1991 Postdoc. Fellow / Dana Farber Cancer Inst. & Harvard Medical School
Dr. Rebecca Smith 1992 Co-Director, Science & Health, Education Partnership/UCSF
Dr. Fiona Thistlethwaite 1993 Consultant Medical Oncology / Christie Hosp NHS Fdn Trust
Dr. Yong Yu 1994 Prof/Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ., China
Dr. Brian D. Hoerneman 1995 Emergency Medicine Physician / WI
Dr. Bilyana Georgieva 1996 Director Intellectual Property, Duke Human Vaccine Institute, Duke University
Dr. Todd Morgan 1998 Urological Surgical Oncologist, University of Michigan
Kelly Brown 1999
Dr. Eileen Woo 2000 Summer Associate, Apul, Weiss, Rifkind & Garrison LLP
Dr. Laura Burrack 2001 Grinnell College, Visiting Asst. Prof. of Biology
Ms. Heeran Buhecha 2004 Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs, UK
Mr. Krishnan Palaniappan 2005 Hardware Engineer, Google
Mr. Kipp Weiskopf 2006 Med. Sci. Training Program / Stanford University
Ms. Cherline Lee 2007 MSTP Program, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Mr. Walter Barry 2008 PhD Candidate at Johns Hopkins Hospital
Mr. Michael Matthew 2009 Student at Univ. of Arizona
Ms. Alexandra Bryson 2010 Clinical Microbiology Fellow at Mayo Clinic
Ms. Kelly Mulfaul 2011 Trinity College, Dublin
Ms Marissa LaMoure 2012 Physician Assistant , Baylor Scott & White Health, Dallas, Texas
Ms Uju Momah 2013 Amherst College
Mr. Michael Sayegh 2014 Graduate School, Emory Univeristy
Ms. Christine Gao 2015 MSTP Medical School, Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine
Ms. Sevahn Volperian 2016 Graduate School, Stanford University
Mr. Ray Zhang 2017 National Institutes of Health
Mr. Kevin Chan 2018 University of Maryland, Baltimore County